1. tracybering replied to your post “Okay while I completely disregard everything from The Floor is Lava as…”

    I’m still not sure that I like that she was typing it. I don’t know why, something about it… I think Myka would plan everything meticulously on paper before she touched a keyboard? Or something.

    This is a really good point.

    She wrote a letter when she resigned - oh but wait, was that typed or handwritten? Hmmmm…. that may have some bearing on this matter if we knew that. Typed because it’s more official and professional? Handwritten because Myka was emotional and possibly limited on time especially time alone with a computer? I have no idea. :/

    Okay, so writing a fictional story is a bit more daydreamy and less analytical than Myka typically is. Typing lets you get your thoughts down faster. Handwriting puts you closer to the thoughts and ideas while giving you less formatting constraints. I somehow doubt any of those are factors Myka considered.

    Myka’s fictional story would subconsciously carry a lot of her emotions and frustrations which means she’d be writing while emotional. And when she’s emotional, she gets impulsive which is likely how she ends up writing the story to begin with. Impulsiveness plus my belief Myka’s not one for making up stories, that she largely reads to gain information about people and the world and what the world could be, and I don’t think she’d do much planning before writing the story. I can see her picking a setting and plot, which would be the case the detective would solve. She probably knows who’s guilty and a couple of clues and has named the characters. So okay, it’s not purely impulsive. There is some planning but nothing in depth enough to uncover her subconscious motivations behind the story before she attempts to write it.

    But handwriting vs typing. We rarely (possibly never in canon?) see Myka use a computer for funsies. It’s always for work. Now, she’s not a technophobe, and she knows a lot about how computers work and how people program them (she and Claudia share tips XD), but still she just doesn’t seem to use a laptop casually like the vids try to suggest. Also important, warehouse case reports seem to be all handwritten. If Secret Service reports were also handwritten, then Myka is REALLY used to writing things out. Also, also, notes in the field are almost always handwritten unless it’s something being verbally relayed.

    So given Myka’s work experience and personal appreciation for the old-fashioned, okay yeah, I’m pretty sure she’d be handwriting that sucker, not typing it.

    Not mentioned, but it also bugs me that she was typing up a book in the wide open living room because no. No, she’d be keeping that kind of stuff in the privacy of her room. While Myka is the most emotionally transparent person I’ve ever seen, she doesn’t actively broadcast her emotions and thoughts. In fact, she’s normally trying (and failing) to hide them. And you know Myka knows Pete would tease her about writing a book, and her writing is a touchy and personal thing, largely because it’s her unknowingly working through her Helena feelings. And all of that would push her even further to keep it private and away from Pete’s teasing.


  2. Okay while I completely disregard everything from The Floor is Lava as existing, I have been intrigued by the concept of Myka writing a book. But I don’t think it would be a fictionalized version of their warehouse adventures. I don’t think it would be some story she’s had in her head for awhile (because while Myka is an avid reader, I don’t think she’s a fiction writer). I think instead the book would be a thinly disguised way for her to vent her feelings.

    Like a noir mystery book (because they were her favorites growing up and the manuscript artifact reminded her of that) that sets up the (female because Myka is tired of male leads) private detective and the mysterious and alluring client (who may or may not actually be involved in the scandal she’s requesting to be investigated) as love interests except the story never gets finished because after a few chapters, Myka realizes what she’s doing and throws the laptop ala Penny in BBT and goes “Oh my god, I’m my father.”

  3. *tilts head towards the wind* Do you feel that?

    Meta is coming.

  4. Need Jenny Mills to be in 1000x more scenes next season.

  5. … do you know how much better Sleepy Hollow would’ve been if they genderswapped Ichabod Crane and Katrina, so that the wife was the witness from the past helping Abby solve clues and avoid the apocalypse while the husband was the warlock trapped for an entire season in purgatory? Like not even for shipping purposes (cause I’m fully supportive of Ichabod/Katrina so I’d still be on board with it gender-reversed), this would just be for narrative purposes. Two female leads saving the day while the male is constantly trapped, temporarily saved, and then kidnapped again. Like.. why can’t I have that show?

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    Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

    Click here to watch the video

    This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

    I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

    that’s a great question. I wish someone had a viable answer, because I’m losing hope fast and in a hurry.

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  7. The underappreciation and really just blatant lack of respect given to Antonia Maury is really discouraging to me. I have so much I need to research and develop for my original story, but I don’t want to read the books because no one cares. Antonia Maury is only useful in what she has to say about her uncle and grandfather. Otherwise she “truth be told, could be a pain to work with. She had been hired because she was Henry Draper’s niece. Her work was slow and erratic, prompting her aunt to apologize for her behavior. I shall be happy, she had written to Pickering, when you are rid of the annoyance.

    No I don’t care if this author said in the previous paragraph that she was overqualified or followed that line from her aunt with “But Maury’s bad attitude was inflamed by a feeling that she was being discouraged from making original contributions.” Yeah, you did almost imply that Pickering was a sexist douche and that the women he hired weren’t respected as scientists but considered only as parts of a machine to churn out calculations. Almost. Except for how in between you totally sold her out and made it seem like it was all her fault she wasn’t respected and considered a pain to work with. You even included her quote “I always wanted to learn the calculus, but Professor Pickering did not wish it.” and yet still showed her unsympathetically. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

    But you’ll show Annie J. Cannon much more positively because she was so content with churning out the calculations because she just wasn’t a theorizer. That just wasn’t who she was which means Pickering and the other men loved her because she didn’t try to argue against their own theories and conclusions. And what she did was important, absolutely. Without electronic computers, the astrophysics labs needed people who could handle the tedious repetition of hand calculations. Absolutely! Annie Cannon is very important!

    But that Antonia Maury’s only - ONLY - recognition came when she was in her 70s and received a memorial award named after Annie Cannon, the perfect, obedient, human computer that Antonia had worked with in the 1890s is just the biggest fucking insult I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just bullshit and no one is recognizing it as bullshit.

  8. American Healthcare Is So Bad for Women of Color It May Violate the UN Convention


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  9. though Gilmore Girls (and fic) gave me unrealistic expectations about sex. Like that it’s super easy to want sex if you like the person and that, sure there’s some technique stuff to learn, but being turned on and/or in the mood is never something you’ll have to worry about unless there’s Angst or Drama going on in your relationship just then.

  10. Let’s talk about how Gilmore Girls was the first show that truly made me feel like being stereotypically “girly” was okay and even pretty damn awesome.

  11. mmmmm (bramzambies in case you were replying to the tags earlier more than the post. Ignore if you weren’t) and on the Gilmore Girls AU front:

    Helena took an infant Christina and ran away stateside and is now raising her daughter in some small town somewhere (Colorado? South Dakota? IDK) and many if not all of the warehouse peeps live there (at least WH13, maybe not WH12 unfortunately since it isn’t London). And the Bering and Sons bookstore is in that town and run by Warren, and Helena and Christina stop by there from time to time (though they’re at the library more often because Helena can’t afford to buy Christina all the books she wants).

    So when Christina is eight, Warren dies and Myka shows up to help sort through his stuff and figure out what to do with the store (though she’s mostly sorting through his stuff and actively ignoring that someone is going to have to run the store now or make the call to close it up). And that’s how Helena and Myka meet because Christina is worried about never having a bookstore again and Helena can’t resist a new stranger in town. She’s rather floored to find out Warren Bering had a daughter (two daughters actually), and tries to figure out how she’s never seen Myka before when Myka clearly grew up here and is even friends with Pete Lattimer who lives in town and talks and plays with Christina anytime he sees them. (Pete annoys Helena, but Christina adores him. Though Christina adores everyone so Helena’s not certain that wins him many points.)

    So anyway, Myka obviously has a lot going on what with all the conflicting and messy emotions going on over being back in her hometown, her dad dying, cleaning through his stuff, ignoring and failing to ignore the store and all the conflicting memories and emotions the bookstore brings up. She’s pretty distracted and has her walls up and Pete is allowed to yammer on around her and maybe even get a glimpse at the breakdown she’s trying to stave off, but that’s only because she’s known him for so long. Obviously, Helena sees none of this since she’s a complete stranger, but she has an idea of the hard time Myka must be having right now (especially when it’s confirmed that Warren Bering only had the two daughters. Helena didn’t exactly know if he had any sons, but she always kind of assumed he either had some sons or no children at all. This daughter news kind of shifts things a bit - and confirms some bad impressions he’d left on her). Helena knows Myka’s having a rough time, and yet her prominent emotion after meeting Myka is offense. She feels completely and utterly miffed. Why?

    Because Myka wasn’t sufficiently charmed by her daughter.

    Yes, Myka clearly had a tumultuous relationship with her father at best. Yes, Myka is surely in a terrible position having to deal with this death on her own. But really! Even Artie at his grumpiest has to fight down a smile when Christina grins up at him and chatters on about this new moth she captured in the yard that she’s never seen before but whose wing pattern she can now describe in great detail. And yet, Myka, even a few days after that initial meeting, when Christina politely and quite sympathetically for an eight year old asks if they could bring Myka back an ice cream cone or a sandwich while she worked - Myka still stands there stone-faced as she turns down Helena’s baby girl’s very generous offer.

    It’s just rude is what it is.

    And that’s technically all I got, but it’s that moment, that initial antagonistic feelings spawned from Myka not liking Christina enough, that I want to smush my face in and roll all around in cause it tastes delicious. And Helena taking offense to people not immediately fawning over Christina delights me. And that whole trope of the adorable little child that wins the love interest over? Yeah, that’s not at all what’s going to happen here and that’s amazing.

    Basically I have a need.

  12. bramzambies replied to your post “But awkward step-dad Myka though”

    *heavy breathing*

    I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS ABOUT AWKWARD STEP-DAD MYKA WHO’S UNCOMFORTABLE WITH SMALL CHILDREN THOUGH. (and about gushing auntie Myka who swiftly turns awkward-terrified the moment Tracy goes “Here hold him!” cause wut. no. She’s good. She’s standing here like two inches from him. She doesn’t need to hold the baby. She’s fine. “OMG Myka my arms are killing me, take him.” DDDDDDDD: But he’s wiggly. Why is he so wiggly? Oh god, he’s not going to pee on me is he? “He has a diaper on.” … That wasn’t a no, Tracy. Tracy!!)

    Anyway, yeah awkward step-dad Myka, mostly the same except Christina is age 8 with a fused skull and the ability to walk and support her neck herself, and the chance of bodily fluids spewing from her at inappropriate times or places has greatly decreased from that of an infant. So it’s less terror and more general nervousness because how do you converse with an 8 year old who, wow yeah, looks eerily like Helena. Cause you see, Myka doesn’t understand 8 year old thoughts and games when they come from an 8 year old brain. She only understands adult brains. Even when those adult brains are also popping up with 8 year old thoughts and games, that’s cool, doesn’t matter, because she still at least understands the reasoning required to deal with those childish adult brains. HOW DO YOU REASON WITH AN ACTUAL 8 YEAR OLD????? THEIR BRAINS AREN’T FINISHED DEVELOPING YET. HELP! D:

    Myka can rescue kids all day long from artifacts or fires or whatever thing she fights in your choice of AU. She is super good at doing that.

    But Myka cannot babysit. :S

  13. But awkward step-dad Myka though

  14. (though tbh I forgot he should know Sookie because as soon as the first ep started, she wasn’t Melissa McCarthy to me. She was Sookie. I totally forgot about her recent rise to fame until he asked tonight.)

  15. Sidebar: It took my boy 8 Gilmore Girls episodes spread over 2 nights before he finally asked who Sookie was and why she looked familiar.

    He nearly snapped his neck groaning over not realizing that was Melissa McCarthy.


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